How to dress for your studio session?

After all the excitement of booking your pet portrait session and thinking about the lovely family portrait you would like, you start to think "what shall I wear?".


You may throw yourself into a fluster of confusion, but don't worry, all the help you need is right here.


We are here to help you with ideas and inspiration to make your decision process a whole lot easier. Our Pinterest Board ( is here to help give you the confidence to know what will make you look great in front of the camera.

What to wear

Our biggest advice to you is to start thinking of possible outfits to wear close to when you have booked in with us for 2 main reasons:
1. You will still be caught up in the excitement of booking your pet portrait session.
2. It saves you a whole lot of stress nearer the time of your appointment with us.
Below are a few of our best wardrobe tips for creating the perfect look/looks for your photoshoot.


When deciding on what colours to wear, it is important to remember that you are in a studio and not in the great outdoors, we would also suggest taking into account the coloured backgrounds you have chosen to use and the colours of your dogs.

We always love more plain colours like beige, black and denim as these are flattering yet won't take centre stage in your session.

We would highly recommend not wearing big logo's, stripes, busy patterns or words as this would also distract from the beautiful family portrait with your dogs.

This one's for the families! What we think looks the most beautiful is when all members wear the same tone for example blue denim jeans and a beige top, shirt or blouse. This shows the closeness and love within your family unit.

Be careful if wanting to wear the colour white as this colour can often reflect the light strongly.


Now this one is super important! Being comfortable is a priority and wearing clothes that fit you well will shine through in a beautifully made photograph.

Bear in mind that you will be sitting either on the floor or on an object for some of the images so you want to wear something that will flatter but is also very comfy.

Glasses, if possible avoid wearing glasses as they can reflect the room and light but our main priority for you is to be comfortable.


Be the best version of you that you can be! You want to look back at the photographs from your session and think wow I look great and I can see my personality shining through.

If you're an accessories kind of person, wear your nicest pair of earrings and if you have a certain style, for example, you love a good blazer or knit jumper wear it proudly.

Belts are always a good idea as they can look very effective when coming across in a photograph.

There is no harm in bringing more than one outfit, all we want is to create the most perfect picture we can for you and for that we need you to be confident in what you would like to wear.
We are always on hand on the day to help you decide if you are still struggling, we are more than happyto help.

We usually try to get through 3 different coloured backgrounds so whats to stop you from bringing 3 different outfits, one for each colour.


Your Dog!!

Now, we can't forget the most important part of the portrait, your dog!! If your dog has a nice, neat collar they always wear, or a tie or neckerchief, why shouldn't they look adorable and feel special too.

For some ideas on how to make your doggo look even more adorable than they already are (if that's even possible!) have a look at our Pinterest board, warning cuteness overload!


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