Active Marketing Workshop

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS who want to make an average of £500+ per client.

(My average is now at £1000 on average from sessions booked with this system, I book on average 25 clients/month and always fully booked.)

Are you waiting on clients and not getting enough bookings?

Or you simply don't know how to market yourself?

This training will show you how to bring happy paying clients to your studio consistently.

This workshop is offered as a one to one training only.

How to find clients for photographers

One to one training - One or two day (IPS for those who needs it)

This training will work for any photographer worldwide. It's suitable for portrait photographers ( Families, children, new born, maternity, pets, couples, boudoir, etc..) who work both in a studio or outdoor.
With my knowledge you will be able to fill your diary with clients ..see my video about this training here :
If you have any question either call me 0161 341 2074 or email me [email protected]


Step by Step tasks to make your business successful!

My phone scripts / My suppliers / Email examples / Vouchers examples

How to get leads and book them (Facebook and Voucher system)

My price list as an example (to make a minimum of £500 on average per client)

What software I use or I would suggest to use

You will be able to download the video files from your training (if you are not able to attend or want to review your training.

Most important: on to convert clients coming from a "complementary session" to spend £500+ on their artwork and images. How to avoid clients who would only take the "freebie".

Support up to 2 complementary hours for your questions following your training or to help with issues.

Please note: no refund will be provided if you wish to cancel.

My studio average is around £1000/client (October 2023)

We have had sales up to £3000 and still trying to go over these top sales.

We regularly get sales over £2000 and mainly getting sales over £1000.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions

Will there be support after the training?

I will provide everything that you need to get you to where you need to be during this 2 day workshop. I am too busy with my photography clients so I am not able to reply to indivual request. However you would be able to book some one to one time with me afterwards (£75/hour).

I am a pet photographer in the Manchester area, can I take this training?

Unfortunately I am not providing this training to any pet photographer in my area as you would compete with my services. I can offer the training to other photographers in the area as long as they are not pet photographers.

I am a photographer in Canada will that work for me?

Yes, it would work anywhere in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia (and probably almost everywhere else in the world.

I am an outdoor photographer, would that work for me?

Yes, it works for photographers who work on location or in a studio. For photographers who do not have a studio, the ips (in person sale appointment) is done in your clients' home..that's how I started!

I only have a small studio, would that work for me?

Yes, my first studio was pretty small and I made it work :)


I'm Joanne

I started photography a long time ago but after working for 15 years in IT I wanted to make a career change and do photography full time.

I must admit the first 2-3 years have been very difficult and I almost got back to finding a full time job!

However I have learned how to market myself and grow from a small studio to one of the largest pet photography studio in the North West.

I have over 25 clients each month and two member of staff. (My husband who left his role as a manager to work with me and another member of staff). I did start on my own so this training is suitable a photographer who is just starting out (but already have good photography skills). 

I am happy to offer this training to help other photographers to achieve the same type of results.
This will probably be a one off as I do not intend in offering this training again.

I am fully insured and I have gained a Licentiateship  with the BIPP.
I am a published and award winning photographer.

Senior Photographer | Owner of Joanne Photography

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