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Our bespoke sessions are fun and relaxed to ensure you enjoy your time (and your horse as well!)
Our studio is the largest pet photography studio in the North West (Stockport, Cheshire), Joanne regularly travel in the Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester area to photograph our client's horses.
At a past horse owner, Joanne understands horses behavior so there is no worries about how your horse will act during your session.

Joanne will create a range of images during your horse portrait session. From "at liberty" style to horse and rider portraits. 

(Family, children and dogs are also welcomed to be included on the portraits)

Let’s create some beautiful artwork to proudly display on your walls.

your Equine photography session options

Horse at liberty
Beautiful horse running free. @ben_actionhorses

For natural images of your horse in action

For this type of images, all is needed is a field where your horse is able to trot & canter (ideally not too big and with no other horses). Another option is to lunge your horse and the lead rope & rope halter (it will be removed during the retouching stage).

You & Your horse
Horse and Owner Portrait LAncashire

You and your horse portraits 

Most clients will choose to have portraits with their horse(s). It's a fantastic way to show the relationship and bond that you have with your four legged friend. The portraits can be ridden or/and none ridden depending how your preferences.

Black Background

Your horse on a black background

These type of portraits are very popular. To be able to create this type of artwork, we would need to have access to a building (large stable or american style barn or large shed) with a door that open to the natural outdoor light. The black background is created with the inside of the building and the horse is placed at the front of him creating a contrast which allow us to create the perfect black background (and tweaked during the retouching stage).

Horse portraits
Horse photoshoot - Lancashire

Outdoor horse portraits

For this style of portraits, I will use your yard's features to show your horse(s) in pretty locations. The leads and person leading the horse will be removed at the retouching stage. 

Equine session Prices

Booking Fee

You can choose your products during your viewing appointment in the comfort of our studio. No products are included for this option. (Weekday session)       




Includes a £70 print credit
  • Discovery call/ Welcome pack
  • up to 2 hour session
  • 2 change of clothes
  • Mileage within 40 miles of Stockport – further distances available at cost
  • Design consultation at our studio
Luxury collection

For those who wants to display their images on our top of the range products . Weekday and Weekend session.
Normally £1785, save £290 when you prepay!





  • Discovery call/ Welcome pack
  • 2-3 hour session
  • 2-3 change of clothes
  • Mileage within 40 miles of Stockport – further distances available at cost
  • Design consultation at our studio
  • All your high resolution files on a USB
  • A Bespoke Luxury Folio box (10X8") containing 10 images
  •  A £245 wall art credit

If you decide to select the session only, we do ask that you are looking to invest over £500 on your products. Outdoor sessions often take at least two full day of Joanne's time (Travel time + Photography session + Retouching + Viewing appointment). You will be able to choose "A la carte options" or Full collections and there is no pressure at all. For outdoor session the final number of images will depends on how many pets & people are included in the session. It will also depends on the number of style that you would like Joanne to do ( At liberty, ridden/none ridden portraits, horse portraits, black background portraits). Usually from 25 up to 45 finished images.


I'm Joanne

Like many of you, my pets take a huge part of my life. My husband and I never had any children so my pets are very important to me. I always have been a cat person but since becoming a pet photographer I love working with dogs. I will definitely have one in the future but at the moment I spend to much time working full time as a photographer.

I love learning about your pets, their personality and their funny or sad stories. I am always patient when it comes to work with pets and nothing really faze me! For me, the most important is that your pet(s) is not stressed during their photography session. I always give them plenty of time to get used to me (and my camera). I am one of the only pet photographers who gives a 100% guaranty!

I am fully insured and I have gained a Licentiateship  with the BIPP.
I am a published and award winning photographer.

Senior Photographer | Owner of Joanne Photography

Frequently asked questions

Horse Rider Photoshoot Merseyside

Your questions

Can my family be in the photographs?

Yes of course. Our sessions are more about you and your horse, however we can definately include your familly or just the children for a few portraits.

How many horses are included in the price?

Usually up to four pets (horses/dogs) are included in the price. Please enquire if you would like to add more pets. 

What happens if it rains?

A day or two before your session, Joanne will look at the weather forecast and decide if your session can go ahead. Usually intermittent light rain is fine hovewer in case of heavy rain we will reschedule your session. There is not extra fee to pay if Joanne decided to postpone your session because of the weather. 

What if there is another lockdown?

If there is another lockdown we will simply reschedule the session on another date. So there is nothing to worry about.

Magical Forest and white horse Portrait - Cheshire

More Questions

I would love a portrait of my horse without any halter or headcollar, would that be possible?

Joanne use a special rope halter made especially so that it's easier for her to remove the halter completely during the retouching stage. The rope halter keeps it safe for the horse and it can also be used during horse & rider portraits as well as if we need to lunge your horse for action shots (if it's not possible to do it "at liberty").

Can I see my images on an online gallery instead of attending the viewing session?

In short no as it's not the type of service that we provide. What we do is much more exciting as you will see your images on a huge TV along with a coffee and some snacks. Joanne will be able to help you select the best images from your session and give you some ideas on how to display them on your walls, so it's not something that can be done with an online gallery. Joanne loves to see your reaction when you see your images..she says it's the best part of her job!

Will I be pressured to spend more than what I want?

We do not believe in hard selling and we want you to be comfortable with your choice and with the products that you are interested in purchasing so there is no pressure at all. All Joanne will do with you is to go through the different ways she presents her work and give you some ideas on how to display them. From that you will be able to decide what is the best option for you. Don't forget we also offer payment plans if it's something that you would be insterested in.


Joanne Photography prides itself on turning your best friend into a work of art!
One of the best ways to do that is through a stunning wall art collection that has been specifically designed with you, your best friend and your decor in mind.

Choose from our range of  luxury folios, albums and wall art.

Your artwork comes ready to hang, with a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget. Individual Wall Art pieces start from £295.

Take advantage of our payment plan for as little as £15 per week.