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Joanne Thibodeau-photographer
I’m a French Canadian based in Cheshire. I moved to the UK in 2000 to be with my husband (we met on the internet before this was a normal thing to do!)

Photography has always been part of my life as an adult. I discovered my love for photography while embarking on a marketing course at college back when I was living in Canada. There were no digital cameras at the time, it was the old fashioned film camera and working in the darkroom.

I’ve always liked to keep up with technology (after all I was a software developer for seventeen years of my life!) so I make the switch when digital cameras came out. I have experimented with a few different genres of photography ( landscape, macro, newborn & others) but it’s really working with your beloved pets that is my passion. Not having any children, my pets are so important to me and I know you feel the same about your pets.

It was horse photography that really got me fired up when I adopted my horse Badger.  He has inspired me to work professionally with animals and people to create life long memories for my clients.

Joanne Thibodeau photographer
Joanne Thibodeau Equine photographer

“As a perfectionist I only take on a limited number of commissions each week (3 to 5). As I always deliver the best quality end product I work 10-16 hours for each client’s commission.”

Random Facts About Me

  • My current pets are Misty (Maine Coon, she is under one year old) and Bonnie (RSPCA rescue, she is 9 years old and adopted in January 2021).
  • Until the first lock down I had my beloved horse Badger (a gypsy cob) who sadly passed away at the end of 2020.
  • Since move to the UK in year 2000, I have had two cats (who passed away of old age: one was Rocher, a Russian Blue and Ferrero a domestic cat), guinea pigs (Piggy and Tabby) and a hamster (Shadow). I love all animals and I would have a dog if I had the time!
  • I attend a few photography workshops every year to continually improve.
  • I talk with a silly voice to my animals!
  • I used to be a software developer up to 2015 when I started my full time career in photography.
  • Unlike many photographers, I work full time as a photographer and rely purely on my earnings to make a living. That makes me appreciate each of my clients and strive to offer them my expertise and skills to a higher level.
  • I travel worldwide for my commissions, however most of them are located in Cheshire, UK.
  • I have hearing issues, mainly when talking on the phone..entirely my fault for listening to music too loud when I was young!
  • When I don’t work, I like to go horse riding or just go out for walks with my camera.
  • I don’t like to be late so I’m always too early !
  • I eat to many biscuits !
If you have any questions or would like more information, it’s very simple just contact me !

Joanne xx

Joanne Thibodeau Photographer
Joanne Thibodeau Photographer
Joanne Thibodeau Photographer


BIPP member

I am a Full Member (Licentiateship) at BIPP. Being a  member of BIPP ensure that you will receive professional services when booking a commission with me.

Cheshire Life Feature

Cheshire Life Magazine

Joanne Photography’s equine work has been featured in the May 2016 edition of the Cheshire Life Magazine.

This image of a horse in a magical gold coloured field has been selected by Nikon to be included in one of their short film.