My dog is nervous - is that a problem?

It’s important to take a little extra time at the start of the session to familiarise your dog with the camera and the flashes - they’ll soon settle in! For very nervous dogs, we can offer an outdoor photography session in a place where they may feel more comfortable.

Does my dog need to be well behaved/trained?

My dog can't stay still!

So you have a little wiggly bum... or maybe your fur baby is easily excitable? That’s not a problem! We have had many, many dogs in the studio. With all Joanne's experience working with dogs, she has a range of tricks to make your session a success! The most important thing is to be patient and to give your dog more time to calm down before the session. For high energy dogs, we always recommend to go for a walk before the session (while trying to stay clean) to release a little bit of extra energy before the session.

Can my dog be off lead?

In the studio we rarely have to keep your dog on the lead. We will try first without the lead, but if we can see that it’s not working, it’s not a problem to keep your dog on the lead. The lead will be removed when we retouch the images. We also have a couple of show leads at the studio that we can use to avoid a large collar, this will make it possible to completely remove the lead and the collar in the retouching stage.

Do I need to groom my dog before the session?

While not essential, it might be a good idea, whether it’s a full groom or a quick bath the night before. Ultimately, we want to capture your dog the way you see them every day. Remember that the images we capture during your session are going to be displayed on your walls for a long time, so we want you to be happy with how your dog is looking!

Can my family be in the pictures with my dog?

Yes of course! We have photographed many clients with their dog(s), couples with their dog(s) and the whole family as well. When you are booking your session, just let us know in advance so we can prepare the studio for the number of people/pets that will be coming along. Your welcome pack will contain advice and information about how to dress for your session.

Do you photograph other pets, apart from dogs?

Yes! Joanne has previously photographed cats in the studio.. they usually take a little bit longer than dogs so please contact us to discuss this. These sessions cost the same as for dogs in the studio. Saturdays are normally very busy so we suggest booking a weekday session if possible, to allow us more time and allow your pet to relax in the studio. Joanne is also an experienced horse photographer, you can view our equine portfolio here. We would also love to photograph other type of pets, just get in touch to discuss!

How much does it cost?

The booking fee for the studio is £95, for up to two dogs. You can bring additional dogs for £15/each. This ensures that people are attending their appointments, and can later be used as credit towards anything you purchase. Click here for more information about our studio sessions and to book!

The booking fee for outdoor sessions starts at £125 which covers mileage within 30 miles of Stockport (further distances available at cost). View more information about location sessions here and view the packages we have available.

With your photography session, you will also receive a Viewing & Ordering session. This normally takes place 1-3 weeks after your session to give us time to retouch your images. Your images will be presented on the big screen and you will be able to select your favourite photos, and discuss any products that you would like to purchase. Please note that we do not offer online galleries. Instead, you will receive a one to one appointment at our studio to select your images/products.

What products do you offer?

We mainly offer wall art, folios (luxury boxes containing large prints) and albums. We also offer fine art print collections and digital images. There are a few other products as well, but our clients often choose one of these main products. View more detailed information and images of the products we offer here.


At the studio, you will see a selection of samples to help you make your choice, and we will guide your through your purchase to find the best products for your home. Payment plans are available (20% deposit required). Most of our clients invest £600-£700 on average in creating their perfect artwork collection, but it is entirely up to you how much you spend. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty, meaning there is no obligation to purchase any products if you don’t like your images (but this has never happened before!)

Outdoor Sessions - What if it rains?

The day before your outdoor session, we will look at the weather forecast and make a decision to see if we can go ahead. Normally if it is only forecast some light rain, we would still go ahead, but in the case of heavy rain we will move your session to another date. There is no extra cost for changing the appointment if the weather is not being good for us!

Outdoor Sessions - Can my dog stay on the lead?

Your dog can stay on the lead if necessary, as we want to be sure that everyone is safe during the session. The lead will be removed when we retouch the images. Please avoid harnesses if possible, as these will not be removed later on. Please bring a collar that we can swap if needed during the session.

Outdoor Sessions - How do I choose a location?

For equine sessions, this will usually be at your yard. If you feel confident enough to bring your horse somewhere else (the beach for example) that is fine as well, we just need to plan it a little bit more!

For dogs, it can be at your favourite park or a scenic location. If you are unsure, we can also suggest a few places as well. Joanne can travel anywhere in the UK or abroad. Additional charges only apply for locations further than 30 miles from our studio in Marple, Stockport. Please contact us to get a quote!