Struggling to decide between having your pet portrait session in the studio or on location?

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of both, to inform you a little more and help you make a decision! We are also happy to discuss this with you directly if you would prefer, please call us on 0161 341 2074 or email us at [email protected]


Our studio is based in Marple, Stockport. It is the largest pet photography studio in the North West, which makes it perfect for large dogs and multiple dogs at one time! We currently focus solely on pet photography and photograph mainly dogs in the studio (sometimes cats).

A typical pet portrait session is approximately 60 minutes long. It can take longer for cats or for multiples dogs, but in general a session will last one hour. It gives your pets plenty of time to get familiar with the studio environment! Each pet is different; for nervous or excited dogs, we give them time to relax first before starting anything. Joanne has many tricks and a lot of experience dealing with all types of dogs, so do not worry about your dog not standing still or being nervous. Joanne will accommodate the session to work with your pet's personality and temperament. Your dog can stay on the lead (if necessary) and we will remove the lead when we retouch your images.

As part of a studio session, you will be able to choose from a selection of coloured backdrops, from neutral colours to brighter ones! You can select up to three different coloured backdrops for your session; we suggest thinking about the colours you already have in your home when making this decision, so that your images will look right at home when you display them! We also have a variety of props to use during your session, to create varied images and styles! You can view examples of these here.


ADDRESS: Goyt Mill, Unit 56, (Third Floor), Upper Hibbert Ln, Marple, Stockport SK6 7HX

PARKING: Please use the free car park on the left of the mill (off Sunwell Terrace).

After 17:00-18:00 and on weekends the doors are usually locked. Please ring us on 0161 341 2074, we will come to greet you. Try a few times if needed (we might be busy with clients).

LIFT: From the entrance, walk straight up to the end of the corridor. You have to manually open the shutter door to enter the lift. Press 3.

STAIRCASE: Walk straight up to the end of the corridor, turn right and go through the red doors. We are on Floor 3. UNIT 56.



  • Secure doors and gates will keep your dog safe in one place and keep them focused.
  • Less distractions for your dog than on location.
  • Your session is private so will not be interrupted by other dogs/people.
  • Choice of coloured backdrops and props.
  • Dry and warm studio (no need to worry about the British weather!)


  • Travelling to the studio - is your dog happy to travel in the car/being in an unfamiliar environment?
  • If your dog is super nervous about noise or being in a new environment (or around new people) then it might be a better idea to have an outdoor session.
  • Plain backdrops - think about whether you would prefer this look or a more natural backdrop such as leaves/foliage on location - it's entirely preference!


Location sessions are held outside of our studio, usually in a public area such as a park, garden or stable (horses). Examples of previous locations include Tatton Park, Dunham Massey and Vernon Park/Woodbank Park. The exact location of your session can be discussed at the time of booking, and can be a suggestion of your own or one of Joanne's ideas, whichever you prefer!

We can photograph your cats in your home so that they feel safe and secure, or we can travel to photograph your dog(s) in a scenic location. The sky is the limit: the beach, your favourite park, a city, your home, etc...

Joanne is also an experienced equine photographer and is happy to travel to photograph your beloved horse(s), regularly travelling in the Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas. As a previous horse owner, Joanne understands their behaviour so there is no need to worry about how your horse will act during your session. She will create a range of images during your horse portrait session, from "at liberty" style to horse and rider portraits.


It can be really helpful to bring along some of your pet's favourite treats and/or toys during your session. This will help keep them motivated and engaged, and get them looking at the camera for the perfect shot!

It may also help to practice some basic commands with your dog before your session, such as stay, sit, etc! But don't worry if your dog hasn't quite mastered these yet, we will still capture some lovely photos!

PROS AND CONS OF location sessions


  • Nervous pets may be more confident in an area familiar to them.
  • Authentic, sometimes unplanned photos - capturing the moments that you cherish, such as your dog running and jumping through fields and catching toys.
  • Opportunity for photos of your beloved pet in a location that means a lot to you and your family.


  • More distractions, such as noise, other animals and people.
  • Unpredictable weather!
  • Natural light can vary during the day - soft lighting is usually best. We can also create some stunning pictures during sunrise/sunset for a more moody feel!

Joanne is very experienced in working with all different types of pets, so will accommodate your pet's individual needs and capture some beautiful photos, wherever you decide you would like your session to take place!

After your chosen session, you will be invited back to our studio for your Viewing & Ordering session.

This is your chance to sit down for a coffee and view your images in a slideshow on the big screen!

Next, Joanne will go through a selection of your favourite images and help you design any items you wish to purchase, such as wall art, folios and other products. There is no pressure and you only purchase what you love!

We hope that this has helped you make a decision and we hope to hear from you very soon! 🙂

0161 341 2074 | [email protected]