A dog photography session in Lymm with Laura,Pip and Jake

Creative photo session in Lymm, Cheshire

Laura was given a gift voucher for a photoshoot for a special birthday (the big 3-0) by her husband Adam. I know she had been thinking about it for a while as I regularly see her. Laura is the owner/manager of the yard where I keep my horse Badger.

She wanted to use her voucher to have a dog photography session with me and capture Pip and Jake on camera. Laura did not want to be in front of the camera !
She explained to me that she wanted to have a large frame to be seen as soon as you open the front door of their beautiful home.

How the session unfolded

The brief was to take some images of Pip and Jake(their guard dog). We started with Jake which is always a little bit of a handful with to much energy ! The first location with him was the barn were they store the hay and haylage for the horses. It was a little bit difficult to make Jake stand still so we decide to head for a field. With a little bit of patience we managed to make him sit for a few seconds, just enough time for me to take a few shots.

Next it was time for Pip !

The home

Laura’s home is very new and very modern looking so I suggested that we start the session indoor. I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful style and space in their home.
Pip was all groomed and pretty with her pink nails and pink outfit.


Pip with her pink outfit and pink nails. She likes to wear different nail colours (her mum told me), red for Christmas, green for Halloween and pink the rest of the time. Pip was rescued from a bad place when she was a puppy and Laura kindly adopted her and restored her health. You could not tell now as she was friendly to me and full of life !

She is a great little dog to work with ! Laura was very impressed on how well she behaved (with a little bit of help with treats).

Outdoor session

For the outdoor part of the photoshoot, we stayed close to the yard and finish in the same field as Jake. I had a conning plan of having Pip sitting in the same area of where Jake was..I wanted to create a composite image with both of them.
Because of the nature of Jake, it would have been  an impossible take to have them both sitting to each other…so I cheated a little bit !


Selecting the main image – a difficult choice !

The main image was a difficult choice as Laura liked many images. They decided to go for the composite with Pip and Jake so they would have both dogs on display.

The viewing session took place only seven days after the photoshoot. Laura was hoping to be able to have her frame for her birthday party ! I told her it was very unlikely as the ordering and delivery of a frame would normally take longer. I did my best and called my supplier to see if it would be possible and until the last minute we were not sure if it would meet the deadline (bear in mind it depends on the delivery time). She was lucky and her frame was ready in place in time.

Are you looking to create lifetime memories?

I am based in Cheshire but travel all around the UK (and worldwide) to work on private commissions. I mainly work with horses, dogs and their owner as well as family.

For additional details or have a chat about my sessions contact me at: [email protected].

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