We welcome and love all dogs that walk through our studio doors! It doesn't matter how well trained they are or if they have a disability because why should it, hey?

We have had many dogs in the past that have come under this category and they have been some of the best images I have created!

We have had dogs with an eye or two missing, blind dogs, dogs with missing legs and dogs who have different eye colours. I will show you below the beautiful images I have created for their owners and tell you a little bit about the stories behind them! 

A missing eye? Let's see some past clients who have been thrilled with the outcome of their sessions, shall we?

blind dog and dog with one eye

Willie a Shih Tzu who has one eye; Terry, a Chihuahua who is blind and brain damaged; and their newest dog Dave, a Chorkie. The dogs all got on well despite their different problems and we got some great photographs from the session. Do you agree?

dog with one eye

Spike, a French Bulldog who is partially blind and Fonzie, a Victorian Bulldog. Our client was so pleased with how her photographs turned out that she said she will return for a second session.

dog with no eyes

Zippy, a Boston Terrier who has no eyes. Considering Zippy had no eyes, the session was calm and relaxed and Zippy was quite a placid dog, we got some great photographs as you can see!

Now, onto our cute blind dogs: 

blind dog

Seth, a Black Labrador who is blind. We took some beautiful photographs of this black lab!

blind dog

Missy, a Boxer; Earnie, a Spaniel Cross; Erwin, an Australian Terrier and Theo, a Poodle, who has been blind from birth and is now epileptic too. The session with these 4 was super easy! Although Theo is blind, he was amazing and is an inspiration to others dogs in a similar situation to him! 

Our amazing 3 legged doggos are: 

three legged dog

Dila, who came over from Thailand and lost one of her legs in a car accident. Dila acted as if she had 4 legs, you wouldn't have known any different! She acted like all other dogs, loved the cardboard cups and was very good in the session. 

three legged dog

Walter, a small King Charles Cavalier and has 3 legs due to a birth defect. The photographs of Walter looked amazing on canvas. Let us know if you think the same!

Let's see those beautiful different coloured eyes! 

dog with blue eyes

Sammy, a Pomsky with different coloured blue eyes.

dog with two different coloured eyes

Remo, a German Shepherd with 2 different coloured eyes.

dog with two different coloured eyes

Buu was a lovely dog and very obedient which helped the session run smoothly. Take a look at this beautiful image of Buu!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Hardy is a very rare breed, he is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. 

All so unique and all so beautiful.

If you were worried about your dog being slightly different, you have no reason to be! I would love to have you in my studio and create some amazing pictures of your dog for you to cherish forever.

If you are interested, contact us below! We hope to hear from you soon!