Feline Friday | For the confident cat(s)

Let's celebrate our feline family members!

For one Friday per month I will hold some special sessions for our cat lovers.

There will be no session fee (you save £95)!! 

Your session will last up to two hours (cats need time to settle first before we can start, while they do we can have a coffee and a chat).

It's not suitable for shy, timid or old cats, so only confident/playful cats.

We will ask for a £50 deposit to reserve your date/time but you can use this as a credit towards your artwork (wall art, folios, albums or digital files).

The next Friday that's dedicated to our little felines is the 18th of March 2022.

First come, first serve basis (no date is reserved until your deposit is paid).

Feline Friday - Limited Spots Available

18th of March = Full booked 

15th of April 10:00 or 12:00=Fully Booked 

Cat Portraiture

During your session I will work with you and your feline friend(s) to create some lovely portraits.

I would aim to create 10-25 different images and it is up to you to decide how many you would like to use to create an amazing wall art, folio or album. These are purchased during your viewing and design appointment which is a couple of weeks after your photography session.

There is no pressure or hard sell, you only purchase what you love.

Please note I can only accomodate adults(2) and up to three cats on these special sessions. If you would like the whole family to get involved please book our regular studio sessions.

If your cat is timid please book an "on location" session where I will travel to your home.

Wall art 

  • Wall art prices start at £295
  • Wall art collections start at £450
  • Choice of: Framed images, matt acrylic, art panels, framed canvas.

Luxury folios

  • From £450
  • Small folio (10X8") or large folio (16X12") from 5 images up to 20 images.


  • From £550

High Resolution files on a USB

From £350

All your files for £450 when purchased with a Wall art, folio or album.

Frequently asked questions

Tabby Cat Photographer Cheshire

Your questions

Can my family be in the photographs?

For these special sessions, up to two adults can also be included. Our regular studio sessions can accomodate more people and children. 

How many cats can come for the Feline Friday sessions?

Up to three cats can come on our Feline Friday sessions. For more cats please contact us ([email protected]).

Do I have to purchase anything if I don't like the images?

We offer 100% guarantee. If you absolutely don’t love your images, you don't have to purchase any products (we will not however refund your £50 deposit). PS. That has never happened before and is there just for your reassurance.

What if there is another lockdown?

If there is another lockdown we will simply reschedule the session on another date. So there is nothing to worry about.

More Questions

How do you get cats to stay still?

Cats don't usually stay still and they don't know any commands(usually). To achieve my cat portraits, we use play time and treats to get their attention. As long as they are not super shy and timid your cat(s) should be fine.

Can I see my images on an online gallery instead of attending the viewing session?

In short no as it's not the type of service that we provide. What we do is much more exciting as you will see your images on a huge TV along with a coffee and some snacks. We will be able to help you select the best images from your session and give you some ideas on how to display them on your walls, so it's not something that can be done with an online gallery. Joanne loves to see your reaction when you view your images..it's the best part of her job!

Will I be pressured to spend more than what I want?

We do not believe in hard selling. We want you to be comfortable with your choice and with the products that you are interested in purchasing, so there is no pressure at all. All Joanne will do,  is to go through the different ways she presents her work and give you some ideas on how to display them. From that, you will be able to decide what is the best option for you. Don't forget we also offer payment plans if it's something that you would be interested in.