We are located in Marple, Stockport

Our clients travel from all over the UK! We have the largest pet photography studio in the North of England.
We are the only Iris Photography studio in the North West of England.

Our Services

We have two studios. One offering pet photography (either studio or outdoor sessions) and one offering Iris Photography. Both studios are on the third floor and based in Goyt Mill in Marple, Stockport.

Pet Photography

We love to celebrate your pets in our studio. From dogs (who are the most popular pet that we see in the studio) to horses for an outdoor session. We can welcome large dogs as we have the largest pet photography studio in the North of England.

We want to celebrate them all (including your family of course).
We specialise in creating amazing artwork pieces (up to 60" long) for you to proudly display in your home.

Our website: www.joanne-photography.co.uk
Contact Number: 0161 341 2074

Iris Photography

A piece of art that only exists once!

An iris picture not only gives your living space a visual kick, but above all celebrates your uniqueness. I am always happy to hear how my customers enjoy having such a unique and valuable picture hanging on their wall. Let your wall become more colourful, artistic, alternative and simply unique !

Our website: irisphotography.art/
Contact Number: 0161 341 2074

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Our Team


Joanne Thibodeau

Booking Manager/Marketing

Steve Eason


Shannon Morgan


Jerry Crowther