Why not give it a go? You might be lucky and win a pet portrait photography session with your best friend(s) at our lovely studio based in Stockport.

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Only 5 clients/month will be selected!

What's included

A pet portrait session at our studio in Stockport (value of £95) & a £50 print credit.

A Welcome pack posted to your home.

A design consultation with the opportunity to purchase your favourite images (no pressure, you only choose what you love!). Your matching web files of any wall art purchase.

Total Value of £145!

Please note we will ask for a small refundable retainer to secure your appointment (£35 week/£45 Saturdays)

Frequently asked questions

Your questions

Can my family be in the photographs?

Yes of course. Our sessions are more about your dog(s) but we can definately include your familly or just the children for a few portraits.

My dog is nervous around other dogs, will there be other dogs in the studio?

It's a private commission so you will be the only client in the studio with no other dogs. The session will last 60-90 minutes long so enough time to allow any nervous dog(s) to get comfortable before we start the session.

I have five dogs, can I bring them all?

Yes of course. Joanne has a lot of experience working with mutiples dogs (up to seven at the same time). We do recommend to bring someone to help you but it that is not possible Joanne has a couple of assistants who can help..as long as we know it in advance.

What if there is another lockdown?

If there is another lockdown we will simply reschedule the session on another date. So there is nothing to worry about.

More Questions

Does my dog have to be well trained?

Not at all however it does help if your dog knows the basic commands such as sit and stay. The only difference is that Joanne will be able to create more images in one session with a very well trained dog compare to an unruly one. Joanne will still be able to create lovely portraits of your dog(s), she has a lot of experience with rescue dogs and very nervous dogs.  

Can I see my images on an online gallery instead of attending the design consultation appointment?

In short no as it's not the type of service that we provide. What we do is much more exciting as you will see your images on the big screen along with a coffee and some snacks. Joanne will be able to help you select the best images from your session and give you some ideas on how to display them on your walls, so it's not something that can be done with an online gallery. Joanne loves to see your reaction when you see your images..she says it's the best part of her job!

Will I be pressured to spend more than what I want?

We do not believe in hard selling and we want you to be comfortable with your choice and with the products that you are interested in purchasing so there is no pressure at all. All Joanne will do with you is to go through the different ways she presents her work and give you some ideas on how to display them. From that you will be able to decide what is the best option for you. Don't forget we also offer payment plans if it's something that you would be insterested in.


I'm Joanne

Like many of you, my pets take a huge part of my life. My husband and I never had any children so my pets are very important to me. I always have been a cat person but since becoming a pet photographer I love working with dogs. I will definitely have one in the future but at the moment I spend to much time working full time as a photographer.

I love learning about your pets, their personality and their funny or sad stories. I am always patient when it comes to work with pets and nothing really faze me! For me, the most important is that your pet(s) is not stressed during their photography session. I always give them plenty of time to get used to me (and my camera). I am one of the only pet photographers who gives a 100% guaranty!

I am fully insured and I have gained a Licentiateship  with the BIPP.
I am a published and award winning photographer.

Senior Photographer | Owner of Joanne Photography

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Terms & Conditions

For new clients only. There is a small refundable registration fee for booking your date (£35 week/£45 weekend).
This is to make sure that clients are attending to both the photography session and the design consultation appointment.
The registration fee can be used as credit to purchase additional images.
We offer 100% satisfaction guaranty, if you don’t like your images there are no pressure make a purchase.
(Everybody loves their images so that for your reassurance). No hard sale as we are sure you are going to fall in love with your images :)

The product credit & credit cannot be exchanged for cash. You receive your prize, you will need to attend both the photography session  & design consultation.

Portrait session and Viewing session to be held at Joanne Photography, Stockport, Cheshire
Those entering must be over 18 years of age.
www.joanne-photography.co.uk | [email protected] | 0161 483 4436