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Awarded Licentiateship qualification at BIPP – Portraiture

March 3, 2016 , , Joanne Thibodeau
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BIPP qualified logo LBIPP

BIPP qualified logo LBIPP

Pet Professional Photographer – LBIPP in Portraiture

I am so pleased to announced that yesterday (after a long, long drive through the rain and wind!), I have been awarded a Licentiateship in the Portraiture category from BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography).

A lot of work as gone into my application from submitting my first images to be a”provisional” member to being awarded my Licentiateship. In the last few months, I spent a lot of time creating my portfolio and a booklet with my supporting evidence to demonstrate my work.

I have submitted thirty images (equine and dog photography) printed on fine art paper and inserted into a leather portfolio. I also have created a booklet for my supporting evidence detailing my journey into photography.

Joanne Thibodeau LBIPP
What’s Next?

I will continue to work on improving my skills (editing, technical, artistic and marketing!)in the years to come. I think there is never a time where a photographer can say they know everything !
I want to give all my clients the best experience they can possibly wish for and images they can keep forever. I want to be THE best horse and pet photographer possible and will continue working on personal project to bring new ideas.
It has been a long journey that started over twenty year ago (when I first felt in love with photography), over the years photography took a backstage at some point. However in the last few years my passion came back in full force and I know this is my call and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life !

Looking for a photographer?

If you are someone who is looking for an equine, pet or family professional photographer please have a look through my website to see if my style suits you. You can either contact me by email ([email protected]) or phone me at 0161 2923032.

I will be happy to have a chat with you to see if I am a good match to work on your commission.

You can find below a sample of the images I have submitted in my portfolio.

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