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If you’re interested in a pet photography photo session with Joanne please get in touch. We would love to create the perfect artwork for you and your family..

  • [email protected]
  • Joanne Photography, Goyt Mill,Unit 56,
    Upper Hibbert Ln, Marple, Stockport SK6 7HX
  • Studio contact number: 0161 341 2074 (Closed on Thursdays and Sundays)

Joanne Thibodeau Photographer

Joanne Thibodeau | LBIPP

Joanne is the owner and photographer at Joanne Photography.
You can leave a message at 0161 341 2074

Joanne will call you back as soon as possible
Email: [email protected]


Studio visits = By Appointment Only
Closed on Sundays & Thursday.
Joanne often work on location and Charlotte is available a few evenings a week.
Studio sessions are mainly on Saturdays or during the week (day).
Outdoor sessions are mainly during the week (can be on evenings in the Summer).

Charlotte (assistant)

Charlotte’s role is to book clients in my diary and help with enquiries.
She usually works on Mondays-Wednesdays between 17:00-20:00.
She also is there for clients who wants to collect their orders (by appointment).

Studio contact number is: 0161 341 2074