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Joanne Thibodeau Photographer
Professional Photographer

Joanne Thibodeau

Based in Cheshire. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0161 483 4436

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Hi, I'm Joanne and I am a photoholic

Photoholic – Someone who is addicted to taking photos.
I’m a French Canadian based in Cheshire. I moved to the UK in 2000 to be with my husband (we met on the internet before this was a normal thing to do!)

It was over twenty years ago that I discovered my passion for photography. While studying for a Marketing degree, part of the curriculum was a photography course. That is when I first got the bug for photography.

For the past 6 years I have been experimenting with different types of photography (landscape, macro, product photography,etc).

It was horse photography that really got me fired up when I adopted my horse Badger.  He has inspired me to work professionally with animals and people to create life long memories for my clients.

“As a perfectionist I only take on a limited number of commissions each week (2 to 3). As I always deliver the best quality end product I invest a minimum of fifteen hours work for each client.”

Joanne Thibodeau photographer


Badger black background
Random Facts About Me
  • I have two cats, one guinea pig and a horse (we like going on fun rides). My horse Badger is on the left!
  • I attend a few photography workshops every year to continually improve.
  • I talk with a silly voice to my animals!
  • I used to be a software developer.
  • Unlike many photographers, I work full time as a photographer and rely purely on my earnings to make a living. That makes me appreciate each of my clients and strive to offer them my expertise and skills to a higher level.
  • I travel worldwide for my commissions, however most of them are located in Cheshire, UK.
  • I dislike talking on the phone and get very nervous (you are warned !)
  • When I don’t work, I like to go to the yard and relax with Badger.
  • I don’t like to be late so I’m always too early !
  • I eat to many biscuits !
If you have any questions or would like more information, it’s very simple just contact me !

Joanne Thibodeau xx


Press & Credential


I am a Full Member (Licentiateship) at BIPP. Being a  member of BIPP ensure that you will receive professional services when booking a commission with me.
BIPP qualified logo LBIPP

HAIR OF THE DOG WEBSITE (professional photographer)
My innovative work have  been selected for a “session spotlight” amongst professional dog photographers  on the Hair of the Dog website.


Horse rearing in the sand 

The following image of a horse in a magical gold coloured field has been selected by Nikon to be included in one of their short film:

Horse in a field for Nikon short film

Cheshire Life Magazine

Joanne Photography’s equine work has been featured in the May 2016 edition of the Cheshire Life Magazine.

Cheshire Life Feature